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Carpet Cleaning Huntsville | The White Towel Test


Take The White Towel Test…”

Try this: Try putting a clean white towel on the floor just inside your front door. Walk on it. Track stuff in on it. Let the dog sleep on it. Spill stuff on it…Now hereʼs the question: How long would it last? I mean how long would it stay clean? A month? A week…Couple of days maybe? Hereʼs the point: Your carpet gets just as dirty as that towel does! Except if youʼre like most people, itʼs been a year or more since you last had it cleaned.

Your carpet is just like a big filter in your home. It traps dust, pollen, bacteria… stuff you track in from the street. It traps everything! Itʼs actually designed to. (That’s why homes with carpeting have 27% less dust on average than homes with hard floors.) But what happened to all that dust, pollution, and bacteria? It had to go somewhere…Thatʼs right! Itʼs trapped in your carpet. And now your family is living on it! When you walk across your carpet, you stir this stuff into the air, and your family breathes it. This can complicate asthma, irritate your lungs and can even make some people sick!

“What If Your Carpets Donʼt Look Dirty?”

Studies have shown that if you have an average brown carpet, your carpet can hold up to NINE pounds of dirt in a single square yard (thatʼs an area 3 feet by 3 feet) Nine Pounds!! WITHOUT EVEN LOOKING DIRTY! Itʼs crazy, but most people change the air filter in their car more often than they get a good professional carpet cleaning!

“Donʼt Fall Into The Trap”

Letʼs say you had a suit of clothes that cost $1,000 dollars or more…and they were marked, ʻProfessional Dry Clean Onlyʼ. Is there any way youʼd go down to the local dry cleaners without any training and try and use their equipment to clean it yourself? No Way! Would you let someone else with some equipment…but no training clean your suit?

Sadly, less than 30% of ʻprofessionalʼ carpet cleaners have ever attended any kind of class, read a book, or ever attended even a two-hour seminar on how to clean carpet. They have some carpet cleaning equipment, (some of itʼs good, some of itʼs used and run-down…it depends on the company) but most carpet cleaners havenʼt had any more training than you have! Everything theyʼve learned, theyʼve learned through ʻexperienceʼ and making mistakes on other peopleʼs carpets.

What kind of a plan is that? In fact, most carpet cleaners DO NOT follow the manufacturerʼs recommendations for cleaning and many unknowingly void the carpetʼs warranty. They can overwet the carpet, use too much pressure, too much heat, or use chemicals that are so harsh they damage the fibers. The carpets can look clean when they leave, but within a few days, weeks, or months, the carpets can have real problems. Sometimes these problems canʼt be fixed!

“The Top Five Reasons YOU Should Use Carpet Cleaning Huntsville To Clean Your Carpets”

1. I absolutely, completely, guarantee your satisfaction with any work we do. No strings, and absolutely no gimmicks! If youʼre not happy, I’ll will make it right. It’s that easy.

2. We carefully test every carpet we clean and use the cleaning process recommended by the carpetsʼ manufacturer. This wonʼt void your carpetsʼ warranty and will get your carpets truly clean… without damaging your carpet.

3. We are are thoroughly trained to provide you with excellent service and make your cleaning experience a happy one.

4. We use the finest, most up-to-date equipment made for carpet cleaning. Our equipment allows us to safely control the heat, pressure, and detergent to gently rinse bacteria, pollen, dust mites, and soil from your carpetʼs fibers, leaving them soft, clean, fresh, and fluffy.

5. We want your business for life- What I mean by this is that we want your business from now on, and although that may not sound like a benefit to you, it really is…Let me explain: Every aspect of our business has been carefully designed to provide you with the best service, and the finest experience possible. All because we want to earn your business for life. Because we HAVE to. Thatʼs a reality of doing business in a community like Huntsville. Weʼve GOT to keep our clients coming back again and again or weʼd be out of business. Here at Carpet Cleaning Huntsville we understand that completely. So you know youʼll be treated well, because we care.

“You’ll Save Money!”

Pick up the phone and call 256-886-9100 RIGHT NOW to get the best cleaning youʼve ever had. I personally guarantee it. I’ll stand behind it 100%…And if thereʼs any way to do it, weʼll make your carpets look wonderful.


Tony Guthrie, Carpet Cleaning Huntsville | KleanEasy Carpet Cleaning)

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