Thursday, November 21, 2019

How to Keep Your Carpets Cleaner After Professional Cleaning

keep carpet clean

Anyone who has carpets (or rugs) wants to keep them clean. Because stains and traffic patterns are so visible we all want them erased from existence. This the primary reason people have their carpets and area rugs professionally cleaned once or twice a  year.

Once the carpets have been professionally cleaned we always want to keep them as clean as possible. Here are a few tips to help keep carpets clean after they have been cleaned professionally.

Make Sure Your Vacuum is Set to the Proper Height

If your vacuum is set to a pile setting that is too low, it can damage the carpet. If the setting is too high it will not pick up most of the dirt. To set your vacuum to the proper height, set the beater bar to its highest level and lower it until the suction starts to move the vacuum forward. Vacuum two or three times per week whether carpets show dirt of not. This keeps "invisible" dirt from accumulating. 

Place Mats Inside and Outside All Entrance Doors
keeps carpets clean

This may seem obvious but I clean in MANY homes that do not have door mats. The dirt and wear is very heavy just inside the door as people walk in with dirt and oils on the bottom of their shoes. Also, moisture from rain on shoes attracts more dirt and makes carpets much dirtier much faster. Placing door mats allows people to wipe their feet and reduce tracked-in dirt significantly. 

Clean Up Spills A.S.A.P.

Stains and spills don’t ordinarily require hiring a professional carpet cleaning service. This is particularly true if you clean them as soon as they happen. The reality is that if you get to a spill as soon as it happens there’s a very good chance you’ll be able to remove it with nothing more than some water and a microfiber cloth. Press a dry microfiber cloth over the spot until most of the moisture and color is absorbed, then blot with a second cloth until the rest is removed.   Be careful not to scrub because it can damage the carpet fibers. 

Develop a Freshen-Up Mindset and Save Money

So often people will call me for cleaning when their carpets or rugs are heavily soiled. Honestly, this isn't the best approach. Heavily soiled carpets are harder to clean, require much more effort, and the costs are significantly higher. If you have a more "maintenance" mindset you can have your carpets cleaned when they are just beginning to show that they require a professional carpet cleaning service. This saves time and money and also extends the life and usage of your carpets. 

I hope these tips have been helpful. 

Tony Guthrie
Kleaneasy Carpet and Floor Cleaning

Friday, August 9, 2019

Dealing with Pet Odor

Removing pet odors from a house is something most pet owners have to deal with (at least from time to time). Oftentimes home-owners with pets become "desensitized" to the actual odors within the home and actually do not notice them as much. Visitors, however, often easily notice these smells.

I once had a friend ask me to come over to his house and see if I smelled anything when I walked in the door. He and his wife owned a large dog that lived inside the home with them. My friend's wife was certain there was no "smell" because she couldn't smell it. The house, however, wreaked of the body odor of a large dog. Since they were trying to sell the house I told them they needed to do all they could to get the scent out.

Well, you may not have an issue like the one I just mentioned. Still, here are some ideas for removing pet odors from your home (just in case).

Vacuum Regularly with a High-Quality Vacuum

Obviously vacuuming with a high-powered HEPA vacuum cleaner 2 to 3 times per week will keep allergens down, prevent dirt from getting deep within the carpet fibers, and will remove pet dander and most hair. It is very important for pet owners to possess higher quality vacuums because the suction and cleaning power is greater.

Regularly Replace the Filter on Your HVAC

carpet cleaners huntsville al

Change filters regularly in order to capture particles such as hair, dirt and pet dander and to keep your home smelling fresh.

Clean Stains and "Accidents" Quickly

It’s critical to clean pet accidents and stains quickly to prevent them from setting in. Obviously there will be times when you aren't there when the accident first takes place. If you are unsure of what to do to clean up an accident, call me for the steps. I will be happy to walk you through it.

Freshen the Carpet with Baking Soda

Start by vacuuming the carpet thoroughly to remove dust, dirt, dander and hair. Sprinkle baking soda generously over the carpet. Allow the baking soda to sit for a minimum of 30 minutes (the longer the better). Vacuum the carpet to remove the baking soda and any odors.

Brush and Groom Pets Often

carpet cleaning huntsville

Spending a few minutes every other day brushing your pet will reduce the amount of shedding hair in your carpets. This can also be a fun time for you and your pet. My cat loves to be brushed.

Call Me for Deep Cleaning Once a Year

I use the finest hot water extraction system to remove deep embedded dirt, stains and debris in the carpet and furniture. Yearly deep cleaning can ensure that your carpets and upholstery are not housing odor-inducing elements caused by your pets.

I hope these tips have helped.

Tony Guthrie
Kleaneasy Carpet and Floor Cleaning

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Carpet Cleaning Huntsville | The White Towel Test


Take The White Towel Test…”

Try this: Try putting a clean white towel on the floor just inside your front door. Walk on it. Track stuff in on it. Let the dog sleep on it. Spill stuff on it…Now hereʼs the question: How long would it last? I mean how long would it stay clean? A month? A week…Couple of days maybe? Hereʼs the point: Your carpet gets just as dirty as that towel does! Except if youʼre like most people, itʼs been a year or more since you last had it cleaned.

Your carpet is just like a big filter in your home. It traps dust, pollen, bacteria… stuff you track in from the street. It traps everything! Itʼs actually designed to. (That’s why homes with carpeting have 27% less dust on average than homes with hard floors.) But what happened to all that dust, pollution, and bacteria? It had to go somewhere…Thatʼs right! Itʼs trapped in your carpet. And now your family is living on it! When you walk across your carpet, you stir this stuff into the air, and your family breathes it. This can complicate asthma, irritate your lungs and can even make some people sick!

“What If Your Carpets Donʼt Look Dirty?”

Studies have shown that if you have an average brown carpet, your carpet can hold up to NINE pounds of dirt in a single square yard (thatʼs an area 3 feet by 3 feet) Nine Pounds!! WITHOUT EVEN LOOKING DIRTY! Itʼs crazy, but most people change the air filter in their car more often than they get a good professional carpet cleaning!

“Donʼt Fall Into The Trap”

Letʼs say you had a suit of clothes that cost $1,000 dollars or more…and they were marked, ʻProfessional Dry Clean Onlyʼ. Is there any way youʼd go down to the local dry cleaners without any training and try and use their equipment to clean it yourself? No Way! Would you let someone else with some equipment…but no training clean your suit?

Sadly, less than 30% of ʻprofessionalʼ carpet cleaners have ever attended any kind of class, read a book, or ever attended even a two-hour seminar on how to clean carpet. They have some carpet cleaning equipment, (some of itʼs good, some of itʼs used and run-down…it depends on the company) but most carpet cleaners havenʼt had any more training than you have! Everything theyʼve learned, theyʼve learned through ʻexperienceʼ and making mistakes on other peopleʼs carpets.

What kind of a plan is that? In fact, most carpet cleaners DO NOT follow the manufacturerʼs recommendations for cleaning and many unknowingly void the carpetʼs warranty. They can overwet the carpet, use too much pressure, too much heat, or use chemicals that are so harsh they damage the fibers. The carpets can look clean when they leave, but within a few days, weeks, or months, the carpets can have real problems. Sometimes these problems canʼt be fixed!

“The Top Five Reasons YOU Should Use Carpet Cleaning Huntsville To Clean Your Carpets”

1. I absolutely, completely, guarantee your satisfaction with any work we do. No strings, and absolutely no gimmicks! If youʼre not happy, I’ll will make it right. It’s that easy.

2. We carefully test every carpet we clean and use the cleaning process recommended by the carpetsʼ manufacturer. This wonʼt void your carpetsʼ warranty and will get your carpets truly clean… without damaging your carpet.

3. We are are thoroughly trained to provide you with excellent service and make your cleaning experience a happy one.

4. We use the finest, most up-to-date equipment made for carpet cleaning. Our equipment allows us to safely control the heat, pressure, and detergent to gently rinse bacteria, pollen, dust mites, and soil from your carpetʼs fibers, leaving them soft, clean, fresh, and fluffy.

5. We want your business for life- What I mean by this is that we want your business from now on, and although that may not sound like a benefit to you, it really is…Let me explain: Every aspect of our business has been carefully designed to provide you with the best service, and the finest experience possible. All because we want to earn your business for life. Because we HAVE to. Thatʼs a reality of doing business in a community like Huntsville. Weʼve GOT to keep our clients coming back again and again or weʼd be out of business. Here at Carpet Cleaning Huntsville we understand that completely. So you know youʼll be treated well, because we care.

“You’ll Save Money!”

Pick up the phone and call 256-886-9100 RIGHT NOW to get the best cleaning youʼve ever had. I personally guarantee it. I’ll stand behind it 100%…And if thereʼs any way to do it, weʼll make your carpets look wonderful.


Tony Guthrie, Carpet Cleaning Huntsville | KleanEasy Carpet Cleaning)

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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Carpet Cleaning Huntsville - Your First Question

carpet cleaning huntsville al

Almost every time I answer the phone at Carpet Cleaning Huntsville, the first words out of the potential customer’s mouth is: “How much do you charge for … ?” This, it seems, is the most obvious question. We all want to know what we are paying for goods and services.

But the REALLY BAD assumption that many homeowners make when calling a carpet cleaner is that we are all the same. This is equivalent to assuming that all cars are the same. Obviously they are not. And neither are carpet and tile cleaners.

A Factual Truth

In fact, many “cleaners” who call themselves professionals are not professional at all. Many simply bought some equipment and said, “hey, pay me to clean your carpets.” This in no way makes them a professional, or even a certified professional.

Carpets and upholstery are crafted with fibers and fabrics that require certain understandings and trainings to clean properly. All fibers and fabrics aren’t the same. Truly professional carpet cleaners have been certified and trained in every aspect of cleaning these fabrics and fibers.

Over 80% of “so-called” cleaners have never darkened the door of a cleaning school nor have they received any certifications. The industry standard certification is provided by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification). Ask yourself, would you call an unlicensed plumber or electrician? Of course not.

About Kleaneasy

At Carpet Cleaning Huntsville we have been certified by the IICRC and have graduated from a few other schools as well. We know that to truly provide professional service we must possess professional training.

carpet cleaning huntsville al

Your carpets and upholstery are major investments. Have them cleaned by certified professionals. So, your first question should not be, “How much do you charge to clean …?” Your first question should be, “Is your company certified by the IICRC?”

All the best!

Tony Guthrie, Owner Kleaneasy Carpet Cleaning of Huntsville Al

Friday, July 26, 2019

The Service Experience

I think it is safe to say that having lunch or dinner at a typical fast food restaurant, like Burger King is not an experience. We eat at those places because of hunger and convenience. We expect nothing more than a burger, fries, a soft drink and perhaps a clean booth or table in which to sit.

But when we decide to visit a Japanese steak house, well, this is a completely different story. We will sit around the hibachi table and view a menu with people we typically do not know. We don’t mind at all the extremely high price for the steak, shrimp, or chicken. We expect this, otherwise we would not be there.

We patiently wait for the chef to arrive with his table of meats, vegetables, rice, and sauces and spices. We enjoy his presentation as he whirls knives and spatulas around with the precision of seasoned juggler. He builds huge fires and onion volcanoes. He has a quick wit and an impressive charm.

Added to all this, he prepares our meal to absolute perfection. Yes, we attend this place not merely to eat dinner. We attend here to have an enjoyable experience. We don’t mind sharing that experience with people we have only just met.

Experiential marketing is now the thing in business. Businesses do well to provide for their customers something far more than “fixing” something. Intelligent customers know the market is replete with technicians who can repair or clean things. So, the company that makes the service an experience is the company that many people will want to call.

In carpet cleaning the typical service call is quite short. A technician or two run in with a wand and start steaming away. In an hour or so they are running to the next job clinging to the check of the last “victim.” Did they do a good job? Will the stains re-appear in a week or two? Were these techs professionally certified and trained to handle the challenges of the carpet cleaning industry? These and many questions like them should be considered.

At KleanEasy the process is so much more than that. Call us and let is tell you how allowing us to handle your cleaning needs will be more of an experience.
Click the Image and Read about the Kleaneasy Experience ... then call us!

Protecting Our Investments

A few years ago I was with my children at the neighborhood pool and was trying to invest a little time with them. They were growing so fast. My daughter was knocking on the door of 15 my son was knocking on the door of 12. Now they are 21 and 18! Yeesh! Where does the time go? They are now moving on with their adult lives.

It seems only yesterday they were toddling around the living room. BUT, since time seems to fly by, I still should invest as much time with them as is possible. They are a precious blessing in my life and I really should seize every opportunity to make an investment in them.

carpet cleaning huntsville al
Me with my Son Daniel in recent days :-)
carpet cleaning huntsville al
Me with my Daughter Kara in recent days :-)

The thought struck me that there are many things in our lives we “invest” in. Our homes are certainly a major investment and the things with which we furnish them are as well. These possessions, although material, are still a blessing. We have invested literally thousands of our hard-earned dollars in carpets, upholstery, and other things that help to make our house a home.

So the thought struck me that if we see these possessions as a blessing and since we have invested thousands of dollars in them, doesn’t it make sense that we protect those investments?  Obviously over time and with wear these items become dirty. And because we have so much invested we wouldn’t want just anyone to service our cleaning needs.

Seriously, doesn’t it make sense that we would call a professional company that truly sees our possessions as meaningful investments?

As owner of Carpet Cleaning Huntsville  (aka: KleanEasy Carpet Cleaning) I am committed to the idea of helping you protect your investments. I do this by providing the highest quality service for a reasonable fee. I will not bait you in with a silly coupon for “Whole House Cleaning for $79.95” and then switch the price on you dramatically after I arrive. I will quote a reasonable price and then provide you with the best cleaning possible.

Call Carpet Cleaning Hunstville and hire a company that sees your investments as you do. A blessing!

All the best!

Tony Guthrie

Friday, July 19, 2019

How to Get Rid of Dust Mites

carpet cleaning huntsville al

It seems we live in a world of allergy-causing stuff. Dust mites are a major contributor to sneezing, itchy eyes, and scratchy throats. So, "how to get rid of dust mites" may be a prominent question. Fear not, we at Carpet Cleaning Huntsville Al know a thing or two about running the mighty mites out the door. Here are 4 ideas.

  • dust with damp cloths as opposed to dry cloths
  • Wash bedding regularly in very hot water
  • Make sure your vacuum cleaners has a HEPA filter
  • Call me :-)
Dust with Damp Cloth

It just makes sense that damp cloths and mops absorb more dust mites. Typically, a dry cloth (and mop) will actually hold mites until you wipe with it. Once that dry cloth is moving as you "dust" the little fellows are released into the air and breathed in by you and your loved ones. 

Damp cloths will hold on tightly to those critters and are washed away in the washing machine. YAY!!!

Wash Bedding Regularly in VERY Hot Water

Washing in hot water will not only wash the mites away but it will kill them. So, if any remain on the bedding after washing (which isn't likely) they will be, hehehe, inactive :-)

It's also so a good idea to vacuum the top of the mattress when bedding is in the washing machine. This further eliminates dust mites and reduces allergens. 

Use a Vacuum with a Hepa Filter

According our good friends at WebMD, 
 Dust mites, mold spores, pollen, and pet dander in the air inside your home can cause problems if your family has allergies or asthma. Using HEPA filters can trap these pollutants and may help bring allergy relief. (see the full article here)
Once you have the HEPA vacuum make sure to use it more frequently than normal. Even if carpets and rugs don't look like the need vacuuming, vacuum anyway. Dust mites love to relax out of site on carpets and rugs and just wait for an opportunity to give you allergy grief. The goal is relief, not grief!

Call Me When It is Time for a Deep Clean

Of course when you have carpet, upholstery, and tile that needs to be deep cleaned ... call me. Deeply embedded mites don't stand a chance with Kleaneasy's cleaning system. This is the best way to get rid of dust mites.

The best!

Tony Guthrie (learn about me)
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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Take the Despair Out of Cleaning

carpet cleaning Huntsville Al
I have rarely met anyone who actually liked cleaning around the house. Although there are exceptions (like, hmmm, Hazel) most of us despise the act. But there is no need to despair because there are  a few things we can do to limit the load (so to speak) and make it a bit easier. Here are just a few tips from Kleaneasy!

1. Use Welcome and Walk-Off Mats 

When entering the house take the time to wipe off the bottom of shoes on a quality door mat. Try to get one that is of a high quality like a duro turf mat. These mats not only wipe off the dirt and debris but also hold the dirt inside. You would be amazed at how much difference a higher quality door mat will make in keeping floors and carpets clean.

professional carpet cleaning Huntsville Al
Better Quality Door Mat
Ask family members and visitors to take off their shoes at he door. This will also limit the amount of dirt that can get tracked into your home.

2. Try Not to Let Things Pile Up

Nothing is worse than taking on a cleaning project that seems to have grown over a few days. Just like grass grows faster after a heavy rain, so too do dishes and clothes multiply if ignored over many days.

It's much easier to wash a small load daily (or every other day) than it is to wash a mountain of clothes that has grown due to a week or two of neglect. This is also true of dishes.

In my house we have an electric dishwasher (I am sure to do as well) but my wife and I almost always clean dishes by hand if the meal we prepared was small. After dinner we do the washing together and it only takes about 5 minutes. The kitchen is always clean using this approach.

3. Get Everyone Involved in the Cleaning Projects

carpet cleaning Madison Al
I believe that we parents have to become the General of Clean and order the kids to get up and roll up their sleeves and help with the bigger cleaning projects. No, they will not hate you for this (even though their look may make you think they do). In fact, now that my kids are on their own they often tell me how much they actually enjoyed the General Dad days.

Cleaning can be fun and we had contests with actual prizes as we worked together. Use you imagination and get the whole clan involved. The despair will be a joy!

Of course when you have deep cleaning projects like carpet, upholstery, and tile that needs to be cleaned ... call me.

The best!

Tony Guthrie (learn about me)
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