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How to Remove Nail Polish from Carpet Huntsville Al

How to remove nail polish from carpet Huntsville Al

The job of nail polish is to go onto the appropriate surface (fingernails, toenails) and stick.

The problem is when nail polish gets onto unintended surfaces, especially on carpet, upholstery, or clothing. It can be nearly impossible to remove. Aggressive efforts on your part, rubbing or scrubbing, and using harsh chemicals can damage the surface while the nail polish still lingers.

Removing nail polish, while one of the toughest cleaning chores, can be made easier with these tips. Let’s assume the nail polish has dried, since very fresh nail polish is fairly easy to remove with a typical nail polish removal product and white disposable towels.

The right stuff

Obviously, nail polish remover is the best choice for a cleaning solution.

Using a non-acetone solvent product is safer for some fibers and less aggressive, but your results may be limited. Using an acetone-based fingernail polish remover will have more noticeable effect, but also will dry out your fingertips. This type of product will evaporate very quickly, so when using it realize the contact time must be limited.

You can also use other solvents to remove nail polish, and most professional cleaning companies have an arsenal at their disposal. You may be limited to what you can get at the grocery store. That being said, pure acetone is usually the best solvent choice for the impact it has on dried nail polish.

When applying your solvent, put it on a disposable white paper towel or cotton towel, and dab at the nail polish. You should see transfer to the towel. Keep at it, but don’t rub or scrub, and don’t spread the stain.

Do your research on the type of surface you are working on. Acetone will dissolve some fibers. It will also remove paint, furniture finish, and many other finishes.

Remaining color

After you have removed as much of the nail polish as possible, you will probably notice some remaining color. This is where you have to be careful about your next product. Using some regular household hydrogen peroxide is safe on most surfaces, but there are no guarantees. After all, if it removes color from nail polish, it can remove other colors as well.

But it is a last resort way to continue to work on the stain after other attempts.

The best choice

Your favorite cleaning company has removed many tough stains just like nail polish. If you want the very best results, do the right thing. Give them a call. After all, it pays to call a pro.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Vinegar and Baking Soda on Carpet as a Cleaner?

Many of my customers here in the Huntsville area often ask me if it is safe to use vinegar or baking soda on carpets and area rugs. The answer is "usually." 
The acidity in vinegar is what makes it such a versatile cleaner – it can dissolve soap scum, counteract sticky residues and remove glue.

Baking soda has many uses besides cooking – it neutralizes odors, removes tough stains, and can help with cleaning ovens and tiles. It’s also affordable and leaves a pleasant after-smell alongside refreshing the appearance of carpets.

Vinegar and Baking Soda for Carpet Stains

Using natural products for cleaning your carpet means that there aren’t any chemicals present which could be harmful to your family and your pets.
The following tools are required when cleaning carpet with vinegar and baking soda:
  • * Paper towels or clean microfiber cloths
  • * Spray bottle 
  • * Vacuum cleaner


  1. 1- Vinegar
  1. 2- Water
  1. 3- Baking soda

After the stain has occurred you should blot any spots dry with absorbent paper towels, or a clean microfiber cloth. Pat the area rather than rubbing as this can cause the stain to spread.
While the area is still wet toss the baking powder on the area, then add a little extra undiluted vinegar. This process will result in the fizzing of the baking powder as the cleaning starts to take effect. Gently rub the mixture into the carpet to clean the fibers.


Make a mixture of equal amounts of water and vinegar and apply to the stains – this is easier if you pour the mixture into a spray bottle as you can target the specific area. It’s advisable to check the carpet for reaction to the vinegar to make sure it doesn’t affect the nap or color.
The water and vinegar mix works well as the water hydrates spots and the vinegar consumes the stain. Soaking the stains will make it easier to remove, as well as neutralizing any unpleasant smells.
Gently rub the stain, to begin with, then apply more pressure as you work into the dirt. Keep in mind that you can damage carpet fibers if you rub to rigorously.

If the stain is small you can let the mixture sit for about half an hour and then blot dry and vacuum. If the stain is stubborn leave the solution overnight to ensure that it dries completely. Then you can vacuum up any residue to leave the carpet refreshed.

Carpet cleaning alternatives

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning 

A professional carpet cleaning service is the best cleaning method for carpets. As it combines hot water with family-friendly cleaning solutions it cleans deeper than the surface – and can get rid of any deep-seated dirt and residue.

HWE cleaning benefits include:

  1. – The removal of embedded pollutants
  2. – Removal of dust mites
  3. – Extending the life of the carpet
  4. Refreshing, renewing, and restoring

Low-Moisture Cleaning

Low-moisture cleaning is a great alternative to the how water extraction method. Let's face it, sometimes you just need fast dry times in carpet cleaning. Most carpet cleaning companies use a Hot Water Extraction (aka: steam cleaning) approach. We also offer that service because it deep cleans carpets and does a great job. But dry times can be from 3 to 6 hours.

Expert help

carpet cleaning specialist from professional cleaning services will make sure the most effective methods are used for your carpet type. Any stains will be pre-treated before the operation starts to make them easier to remove.

Powerful cleaning solutions will be used to break up dirt and debris – yet these are safe for your family, pets, and the environment. Following the cleaning process, your carpets will look as new!

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Monday, May 18, 2020

3 Room Carpet Cleaning Special Huntsville Al

3 Room Carpet Cleaning Special Huntsville Al

Yes, for a limited time you can take advantage of this 3 Room Carpet Cleaning Special for Huntsville Alabama and the surrounding areas. 



This 3 room special expires soon so take advantage NOW!

Service includes:

- pretreatment of spots and stains
- pre-spraying with professional grade carpet cleaning solution
- pre-agitation with rotary scrubbing machine
- steam cleaning and water extraction
- 30-day spot and stain warranty
- money back guarantee

3 room carpet cleaning special Madison AL
3 Room Carpet Cleaning Special Huntsville Al


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Sunday, May 17, 2020

The Smelly Mattress | Mattress Cleaning Huntsville AL

Mattress Cleaning Huntsville AL
We All Hate Dirty Mattresses

If you need professional mattress cleaning in Huntsville Al, give us a call at 256-886-9100

If you aren't quite ready for a professional cleaning, then the following tips can be helpful.


Mattress cleaning, due simply to the bulk of what needs cleaned, is not an easy task. Yet it is one that must be done occasionally. There is nothing worse than putting your sleepy head into the mattress and be woken up.

Besides the typical use of a mattress, which to everyone who loves to sleep is very important, you still want to keep things healthy.

There are all types of issues with mattresses, from pet accidents, food and drink spills, dust mites, and more. 

So here is what you want to do.

Strip the bed

It makes sense to strip the bed of linens and blankets. If you have a mattress pad, even better. Do this on a weekly basis, at minimum. Keeping a mattress pad on at all times is smart.

You must also consider the bulk of the material and do your cleaning accordingly. Sad to say, this may not be possible to do yourself, without much effort. One thing you can do is take the mattress outside and, on a nice day, allow the air to help refresh your mattress.

Vacuum Thoroughly

Many vacuums have attachments for vacuuming stair and furnishings. Use this tool to thoroughly vacuum the outside surface of the mattress. 

Use peroxide

A natural disinfectant that not only make things healthier but that removes stains, peroxide is a great solution. It adds oxygen to the surface and removes not only stains but also odors. Blot it on spots with a cloth and allow it to dwell until the stain seems to be vanishing. 

Baking soda

Some say and claim that baking soda is a solution. The benefit of baking soda is it absorbs odors, much like what you experience with putting an open box of baking soda in your refrigerator. Sprinkle baking soda liberally over the entire mattress. Let it dwell for 2 to 4 hours then vacuum it off. 


Enzymes are great options that can help with stubborn stains, such as blood, urine, and more. They attack substances and remove not only spots and stains but also odors. Follow label instructions. 

When in doubt, do the right thing. Call your professional cleaning company. After all, it pays to call a pro!

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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Cleaning Grease

cleaning grease
Your appliances all play a vital role in the household, and especially more so during winter and the holiday season. With family, friends, and others close to you all gathering together and enjoying both festivities and home-cooked meals, your appliances can take a beating that requires regular attention and the occasional dreaded “deep cleaning” chore.

From the toaster to the coffee pot to the stovetop and deep inside the oven, you may have noticed grease build-up that a simple wiping off doesn’t handle efficiently.

Add to all of this the fact that hot cooking grease at certain temperatures becomes airborne and lands on all surfaces in the kitchen. The amount of greasy soils that can accumulate can be tenacious if you don’t stay in front of it.

So — what’s your game plan?

Cleaning products

What you need is a degreasing product, something that breaks down congealed grease on the surfaces of appliances, counter-tops, everywhere.

While you can purchase products from your favorite store, you can also make your own. If you take ¼ cup of dish detergent, add in 1-2 ounces of ammonia, and mix it all with 16 ounces of hot water, and for a bonus add a scoop of baking soda, you have an excellent tool to fight grease.


Now it is time to go to work. Get your cleaning solution ready and start scrubbing. Let the product do the work. If needed, wet out the areas of concern and allow the solution to do its job. Keep wiping, keep soaking up the grease, don’t spare those paper towels!

A better idea

While everyone wants to do is simply buy a miracle ingredient from their grocery store and just get the job done. While that might work, it’s not always the best option. It takes much more to keep your home grease and soil free and healthier for your family.

Do the right thing

When in doubt, think about the experts you can use. Let them handle your toughest cleaning challenges, especially those that involve grease, appliances, and what you care about most – your home! After all, it pays to call a pro!

Tony Guthrie Kleaneasy Carpet and Floor Cleaning

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How to Remove Nail Polish from Carpet Huntsville Al

The job of nail polish is to go onto the appropriate surface (fingernails, toenails) and stick. The problem is when nail polish gets onto un...