Thursday, July 18, 2019

Take the Despair Out of Cleaning

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I have rarely met anyone who actually liked cleaning around the house. Although there are exceptions (like, hmmm, Hazel) most of us despise the act. But there is no need to despair because there are  a few things we can do to limit the load (so to speak) and make it a bit easier. Here are just a few tips from Kleaneasy!

1. Use Welcome and Walk-Off Mats 

When entering the house take the time to wipe off the bottom of shoes on a quality door mat. Try to get one that is of a high quality like a duro turf mat. These mats not only wipe off the dirt and debris but also hold the dirt inside. You would be amazed at how much difference a higher quality door mat will make in keeping floors and carpets clean.

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Better Quality Door Mat
Ask family members and visitors to take off their shoes at he door. This will also limit the amount of dirt that can get tracked into your home.

2. Try Not to Let Things Pile Up

Nothing is worse than taking on a cleaning project that seems to have grown over a few days. Just like grass grows faster after a heavy rain, so too do dishes and clothes multiply if ignored over many days.

It's much easier to wash a small load daily (or every other day) than it is to wash a mountain of clothes that has grown due to a week or two of neglect. This is also true of dishes.

In my house we have an electric dishwasher (I am sure to do as well) but my wife and I almost always clean dishes by hand if the meal we prepared was small. After dinner we do the washing together and it only takes about 5 minutes. The kitchen is always clean using this approach.

3. Get Everyone Involved in the Cleaning Projects

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I believe that we parents have to become the General of Clean and order the kids to get up and roll up their sleeves and help with the bigger cleaning projects. No, they will not hate you for this (even though their look may make you think they do). In fact, now that my kids are on their own they often tell me how much they actually enjoyed the General Dad days.

Cleaning can be fun and we had contests with actual prizes as we worked together. Use you imagination and get the whole clan involved. The despair will be a joy!

Of course when you have deep cleaning projects like carpet, upholstery, and tile that needs to be cleaned ... call me.

The best!

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