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Ways to Save Money on Professional Carpet Cleaning

save money on carpet cleaning
Most people want to get the best deal possible for professional services like carpet and floor cleaning. I completely understand that. Typically when someone calls me they want to know my "price" for cleaning a certain number of rooms. This is an indication that they assume that the lowest price offered is the right choice. They intend to call around until they find that low price. So they go ahead and book with the lowest priced company they can find. Unfortunately, because of the less-than-professional "cleaners" that are out there, going with lowest price can actually cost more money in the long run. Please keep this in mind, low price ALWAYS means low quality service. You may as well do it yourself.

In this post I will share the ...

Best ways to get the highest quality service and save BIG money

Here we go ...

Don't Take the Lowest Price Offered

There are reasons you don't own the lowest-priced car, house, clothes, and countless other things. There are reasons you don't always order the lowest-priced meal from the menu. So, doesn't it make sense that there may be good reasons for not going with the lowest-priced professional carpet cleaning service. Please understand, I don't mean you need to go with the highest priced cleaner either ... more on that below.

Here's a few problems with the lowest-priced cleaner ...

  • he will likely quote a price on the phone but change it when he arrives because your carpets are dirtier than he understood. He will need to add his "super-traffic lane cleaner" to really get it clean. This will cost LOTS more than originally quoted.
  • he can't do high quality work at the lowest prices. Dedicated professional cleaners purchase industry recommended carpet detergents and cleaners. They are formulated with the right balance a PH cleaning agents and solvents. Professional cleaners have had training in the different types of cleaners and when, where, and how to use them. They are not "cheap." But they work and keep your carpets clean, healthy, and safe for your family. Paying a little more will get your carpets totally clean. If you go with the lowest priced cleaner your carpets may look clean when he leaves but will likely look dirty again within a week. No kidding! You may as well rent a Rug-doctor and do it yourself.

Don't Pay for Deodorizer

Deodorizers are profit-boosters for carpet cleaners; nothing more and nothing less. Carpet deodorizer cost literally pennies per gallon but these unscrupulous cleaners have no problem charging customers $14 per room and more. Deodorizer smells great when applied and comes in a variety of scents but the scent dissipates within hours after the cleaner leaves.

Deodorizer should be a free option for clients. They do not eliminate odors caused by pets or smoke. All they do is leave a nice scent in your home. If you have pet or smoke odor then an odor-eliminating process is required. Regular deodorizer will only mask odors for a few hours. This process does cost more and takes a skilled, experienced, and trained technician to handle it correctly. If you have these types of odors then tell the cleaning company when you call. This way you can get a price estimate as to what their odor elimination will cost. But never buy deodorizer unless you want to pay a lot of money for a scent that lasts a few hours.

Don't Pay to Have Carpets Protected Wall to Wall

Carpet protector, like ScotchGard, is indeed an excellent product. Protectors are always recommended by carpet cleaners because carpets are protected when they are made at the mill. Cleaning, vacuuming, regular traffic and wear eventually takes its toll and the protection gradually breaks down making stains and spots more difficult to remove. Reapplying the protector is a good idea BUT only within certain parameters.

Cleaners will always try to sell you wall-to wall protection. It is typically 50% of the cost to clean. So, let's say you get a price of $220 to clean 5 rooms, a hallway, and a set of stairs (too high but it is the average). The cost to protect wall-to-wall would be another $110 making the total ticket $330.

But most homeowners do not need wall-to wall protection. If you have young children you should have the main room they play in protected, such as a den, living room, or bonus room. These rooms get a lot of spills and should be protected so carpets clean easier. However, they do not need to be protected wall-to-wall. Only the open areas where the spills occur is needed. This means significant savings.

If your kids are older then you may only want traffic areas and the family room open areas protected. If you are in an empty-nest situation you may not need protection at all.

Honest cleaners will provide an assessment and audit of your carpet and offer a fair and favorable price for protection. Of course, protection is always recommended but remains optional.

Don't Call National Franchises

National franchises are easily discoverable. They usually advertise on the first page of Google. They are quite recognizable. One is known by its yellow vans. Another offers to leave zero residue. Another offers a chemical drying process. They each have great equipment and usually do excellent work. Their prices are always the highest by far and they always try to upsell customers on every conceivable service or product. Their technicians are usually fully-commissioned or at least partially commissioned and this is why they try to upsell so much. It means money in their pocket. I am not against providing extra services if it will benefit my customers; but I only offer additional services that a customer actually will benefit from. I can offer a lower price since I am already there and my equipment is set up. BUT, I only offer a service if it is indeed needed. National franchises turn huge profits trying to upsell everything possible.

With national franchises the cost is higher because they have HUGE overhead and business costs. These costs are passed on to YOU, the trusting customer.

Checkout the graphic below. It is an actual online cost estimator for a national franchise here in the Huntsville area. The cleaning is $188 for 6 areas of carpet. Another $99 for protector and $56 for deodorizer. Total ticket $343.

Save Money on Professional Carpet Cleaning

Remember, a big portion of this goes to cover their overhead. So, what would the cost actually be for the same service from a company like Kleaneasy?

$160 to clean the 6 areas (better than they will clean it).
No cost for the deodorizer (if you even want it).
Maybe $35 to $50 or so to protect. Can't give an exact price until what is being protected is determined.

So you can pay $343 OR $195 (or there about). That is significant savings for superior work,

Don't Hire a Company that Doesn't Offer a Guarantee or a Warranty

Any company that truly values its customers will offer some type or types of guarantee and/or warranty. If they don't, stay away from them.

Kleaneasy offers to provide the highest quality cleaning and get your carpets as clean as possible. If you are not satisfied that it is as clean as possible you simply call me back (within 30 days of original cleaning) and I will clean it again at no additional cost. If you are still not satisfied I will refund your money. No questions asked. By the way, I have never had to refund a penny.

Kleaneasy also offers a 30-day spot and stain warranty. This means that if any spot or stain reappears within 30 days after I leave. I will return to remove it at no additional cost.

Why get scammed by the low-price cleaner or pay far too much for the national franchise when you can have the highest quality cleaning complete with a warranty and a guarantee for significant savings?

Thank you,

Tony Guthrie
Kleaneasy Carpet and Floor Cleaning

2525 Aspen Ave. Nw.
Suite 100

Huntsville, AL 35810

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Thank you for reading this post. If you want to help me spread the word about safe cleaning methods please share this post and leave a comment. Thanks again! Tony

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