Saturday, February 22, 2020

Keeping Our Kids Safe and Healthy

As a parent you are always concerned about the health and safety of your children. From that first moment the nurse or doctor placed that precious little one into your arms you knew that you had a big responsibility. BUT, you didn't care. It was a responsibility you gladly accepted.

keeping our kids safe and healthy
Even though they can try your patience at times, you love these little blessings with all your heart and soul. That love causes you to want to protect them at any and all costs. 

Keeping your children safe and healthy is such a dominant thought that you consider almost every aspects of their lives. You go to great lengths to keep your home "child-safe."

For example:

 You Consider the Physical Aspects of Your Home

  • Every toy is carefully considered and examined for safety before you purchase it
  • Safety latches are attached to cabinet doors and drawers
  • Electrical sockets are covered with outlet plugs
  • Anchors are secured to prevent furniture, TVs and ranges from tipping over and harming your child
  • Corner and edge bumpers are added to prevent serious injuries from falls against sharp edges on walls, furniture, and fireplaces
  • Knob covers that prevent a child from easily opening doors are secured and attached
  • Cordless window coverings are installed to lower strangulation risks
These are but a few of the lengths you go to to keep your children safe.

You Also Consider the Medical Needs and Risks

keeping children safe and healthy
  • You will likely talk with other parents about illnesses and prescriptions. You will want to know what they did when their child had a certain illness and how their child reacted to prescribed medications
  • You will make sure you have all the necessary over-the-counter medicines readily-available 
  • You will place all medications out of sight and reach of your child
  • You will have thermometers, bandages, hydrogen-peroxide, alcohol, saline solution, and MANY other medical items on hand
  • Your pediatrician's number will be stored in you phone and written on a card that is attached to the refrigerator 
You Consider the Safety of Household Cleaning Products

  • You carefully read the ingredients of cleaning products 
  • You read informative articles such as this one
  • You watch videos like this one ...

All of the above information is simply the tip of the iceberg of the lengths you will go to in order to keep your precious little one(s) safe and healthy. Beyond this, you will thoroughly check-out playgrounds, pre-schools, daycares, and other such places. 

This is VERY normal and any parent who doesn't consider these items, at least to some degree, is taking unnecessary risks related to their child's health and safety.

We all want safe home, learning, and play environments for our kids. I trust that this post serves as a catalyst for even further research you conduct into keeping your children safe and healthy.

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